The Comprehensive Guide to Economic Damages

Richard Bero, contributing author to

The Comprehensive Guide to Economic Damages
Sixth Edition (Two Volumes)

Highlights of the Guide Include:

♦ A knowledge base that allows for a better working relationship between a financial expert and the attorney. Experts are most beneficial to attorneys when they’re well-informed about damage remedies and the context in which they are calculated. When an expert is more knowledgeable, he or she can be more valuable to the attorney in terms of the various options for remedies, given a particular context.

♦ Comprehensive materials on a variety of damages measures—This new edition includes measurements on lost profits or value, unjust enrichment, intellectual property damages, other commercial damages, and expanded content on personal injury and wrongful termination.

♦ In-depth analysis—This guide includes expanded analysis of motions to exclude experts and a review of the concept of reasonable certainty, based on significant research on the topic.

With five new chapters in Volume One and 35 new court case analyses in Volume Two, this much-expanded guide is about financial evidence: how to gather it, interpret it, and tell its story in a lawsuit or litigation setting. Among other topics, new chapters address theft of trade secrets, apportionment, and damages in cases involving rights of publicity and for franchises.

You can find Rick Bero's contributing chapters in Volume One.

Chapter 28. Patent Infringement Damages: Lost Profits and Royalties
By Richard F. Bero, CPA/ABV, CVA, CLP, and Autumn N. Nero, Esq.

Chapter 29. Design Patent Damages
By Richard F. Bero, CPA/ABV, CVA, CLP, and Christopher V. Carani, Esq.

Chapter 30. Trade Secret Damages
By Richard F. Bero, CPA/ABV, CVA, CLP, and Jon Margolies, Esq.