Damages Claims — Litigation Support — Expert Witness Testimony

Litigation Services for Mergers/Divestitures

When a deal goes bad it can have disastrous and long lasting effects on your business and its employees. It distracts management from the tasks at hand and wreaks havoc on customers and suppliers and in many instances creates breaches in debt and other agreements.

The BERO Group has assembled a team of merger and acquisition experts which includes experienced fraud examiners. Where most Forensic Accounting firms look for obvious breaches related to the covenants regarding the financial information, this is normally only the "tip of the iceberg." Our professionals understand the totality of the acquisition process including the Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM), virtual data rooms, management presentation materials and other items produced during the M&A process.

Organizations should retain experienced due diligence professionals when contemplating the following transactions:

• The adequacy and completeness of all representations and warranties
• Completeness and accuracy of schedules and exhibits
• The acumen of the business people and other professionals employed for the original transaction
• The business aspects of the transaction

It is our goal to reach the best outcome for our client from whatever sources can provide relief.

The BERO Group's forensic accountants verify the validity of representations made, which may have an impact on the representations. Additionally, our staff is trained in negotiation and arbitration and will look for solutions to business disagreements, which may avoid costly litigation.

Our specialists can also assist in the evidence gathering process. We offer experienced expert witness testimony to explain our findings to the Court in a simple and cogent way to ensure the best results for you, your company or your client. There are very few firms that can bring the expertise that we possess in this area of practice, which may result in a more favorable outcome.

The BERO Group team experience has encompassed:

— Contractual Damage Claims
— Computation of Loss and Damages
— Bankruptcy and Reorganization
— General Financial Litigation
— Interpretation of Business Practices and Procedures
— Analysis of Financial Agreements
— Insurance Related Claims
— Economic Damage Analysis for Personal Injury or Death
— Business and Professional Practice Valuations
— Expert Witness Testimony
— Estate and Professional Practice Valuations