CLE Presentations

Presentations by The BERO Group

The BERO Group makes presentations throughout the year that qualify for CLE credits. Customized to suit your needs and presented at your location, our courses provide timely and relevant information on intellectual property, commercial litigation, fraud and valuation issues.  All courses are taught by recognized experts in these areas. For more information on CLE presentations, contact Beth Bergman.

Intellectual Property

— Hot Topics in Patent Damages

Accompanying patent infringement cases, there are new and important changes to the case law governing patent infringement cases and damages calculations. This presentation discusses the tools and analysis used to quantify patent infringement claims.

— Analyzing Licensing and Settlement Agreements

Examines recent Federal Circuit and district court cases addressing the use of comparable patent license agreements and settlement agreements in determining a reasonable royalty.

— Calculating Patent Damages

Provides an overview of how patent damages are calculated and covers lost profits and reasonable royalties.

— Constructing Royalty Rates Damages

Discusses the importance of reaching a practical definition of the technology in constructing a reasonable royalty rate in patent damages as well as Federal Circuit decisions that impact the development of a reasonable royalty rate.

— Entire Market Value Rule

Traces the origins of the Entire Market Value Rule in patent damages through recent decisions by the Federal Circuit addressing the concept.

— Intellectual Property Litigation Damages

Provides an overview and comparison of patent, trademark and copyright damages as well as litigation and award trends.

Commercial and General Litigation

— How Much is Your Case Worth?

Addresses the link between damages cases and liability cases to properly quantify damages as well as providing examples of how plaintiffs have both underestimated or overestimated damages.

— Making Use of and Controlling Your Economic Damages Expert

Discusses tips to help prepare a damages case for litigation in a cost-effective and efficient way. Analyzes commonly encountered damages issues and the best way to streamline the process between the attorney and the damages expert witness.

— Valuation Principles and Concepts in Litigation Damages

Demonstrates how traditional classic valuation principles and concepts are incorporated into analysis of damages in litigation.

— What Every Lawyer Needs to Know About Business Valuations and Business Financial Records

Discusses financial statement basics and provides an overview of business valuation. The financial statement basics portion provides an overview of accounting (accrual, cash, modified cash), how to read balance sheets and income statements, EBITDA, types of profits, and financial ratios (liquidity, efficiency, leverage, profitability). The business valuation overview discusses the three common approaches to valuation – cost, market and income.

— Working Effectively with Your Damages Expert

Provides a framework for working effectively with your damages expert. Covers commonly encountered damages issues and the best way to streamline the process between the attorney and the damages expert witness.


— Preventing and Detecting Fraud

Provides on overview of fraud prevention and detection: internal controls, types of fraud (corruption, asset misappropriation, financial statement fraud), anti-fraud controls, fraud detection and internal controls. Additionally discusses recent fraud and embezzlement cases and trends.