Commercial Litigation

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Commercial Litigation Services

Contracts and commercial agreements are the framework under which all organizations conduct business. Whether your organization conducts business in the public sector or private sector, you need to be sure that you and your business partners are complying with the terms of your agreements. With today's complex agreements, managing contracts to ensure compliance and profitability has become more difficult than ever.

The BERO Group is uniquely positioned to assist organizations improve their bottom lines through effective contract management and cost recovery techniques. Our CPAs and consultants have the experience to interpret complex contracts and other business agreements as well as the ability to help you ensure your organization will realize the results for which you bargained.

Our solid technical expertise and creative approach to each engagement gives you access to a wide range of solutions. In addition, by maintaining close relationships with several of the nation's leading contract law firms, contract administration and other technical experts, our professionals have access to the networks needed to address nearly any contracting issue.

Should your enterprise be damaged by wrongful acts or faced with a contract dispute, our CPAs and consultants can provide professional litigation support including damage assessment, claims preparation, settlement negotiation, and expert testimony.

Services Provided

Economic Damages Consulting – Assist clients with the identification, analysis, and determination of economic damages resulting from wrongful acts or unforeseen circumstances. Services include litigation support and expert witness testimony.

Contract Compliance & Cost Recovery Audits – Help clients ensure compliance and recover amounts lost due to non-compliance with contract terms and agreements. Includes audits of vendors, subcontractors, franchisees, and licensed businesses. Also includes internal compliance reviews.

Contract Disputes & Claims Consulting – Assist contractors and attorneys with assessment, preparation, and negotiation of claims for contract damages/lost profits such as delay, disruption, or defective specification claims. Also assist contractors and owners with defense of claims brought against them. Services include litigation support and expert witness testimony.

Job Cost Accounting Consulting – Assist organizations with the development of accurate cost tracking systems, procedures, and tools to aid in cost control and pricing of changes, claims, and future work.

Capital Budget Management – Assist owners track progress of projects and anticipate cash flow requirements to aid in asset management and funding decisions.

Government Contract Accounting/Consulting – Assist federal contractors and attorneys with accounting and financial issues specific to federal contracting. Examples include assistance with government cost principles and cost accounting standards, preparation and negotiation of incurred cost proposals, termination settlements, equitable adjustment proposals, and assistance with bids and proposals.

Training – Provide training to employees on issues such as contract claims and government contract accounting/finance issues.