Intellectual Property Litigation

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Intellectual Property Litigation Services

The BERO Group professionals, together, possess over a century of combined experience in providing expert analysis, support and testimony in Intellectual Property Litigation (IP Litigation) matters. We prepare lost profit calculations, reasonable royalty analysis, unjust enrichment calculations and prejudgment interest estimates, in order to convert raw data into meaningful independent findings in a concise and clear manner for our clients, the courts, and regulatory authorities. In addition, we can prepare the rebuttal reports comprising a critique of the opposing expert witness's reports and testimony.

Called on by attorneys to assist them in IP Litigation matters, The BERO Group provides assistance in matters including:
• Design Patent infringement
• Trade secret misappropriation
• False advertising
• Trademark infringement
• Trade dress infringement
• Copyright infringement
• Damages Assessment

At The BERO Group, our professionals are accustomed to working in complex, fast-moving litigation environments, characterized by ambiguity and uncertainty. In the end, we simplify the facts and focus on the true economic losses to our client. The depth and breadth of our experience across different industries has prepared us to consult and assist in the most complex of litigation matters requiring the highest level of critical and analytical thinking skills.

The BERO Group is also effective when brought in to assist in case matters late in the litigation process. When data and information are incomplete or uncomprehensive, our professionals apply a systematic process to their work in an effort to provide a defensible answer to the courts for the benefit of the client.

On occasion, the attorneys we work with will call on us to provide consulting services prior to the onset of litigation. These are the law firms who understand that, for us and for them, gaining an early understanding of the underlying liability, damage issues and responsible parties is critical to the outcome of any case.

At The BERO Group, this preparational approach is what we refer to as The Blueprint — the first step of our five-step case process, The Pragmatic Solution. The Blueprint is designed to assist counsel and clients at the beginning of a matter.
In fact, we wrote the book on it; The Litigator's Damages Blueprint — The Pragmatic Solution.