The Litigator's Damages Blueprint — The Pragmatic Solution

Rick Bero presents

The Litigator's Damages Blueprint
The Pragmatic Solution

"Now available for the first time in print, this book will provide you with a process that our team calls "The Pragmatic Solution" to help you manage your damages case. It offers a structure to engage fully with your damages analysis as you move from early preparation up to and through trial.

"How and where do damages fit in? You may have dealt with damages in cases many times before. Or, possibly, not at all. Whatever your experience, if the case before you involves damages considerations, they may be significant. They may be critical. You and your team will benefit from a structured process for the damages portion of the case.

"This book will guide you to work with your damages expert to develop a well-reasoned analysis that will align with your liability case."

"Why would a damages expert write a book for litigators?
"The answer is simple.
"I hope The Pragmatic Solution will help others who haven't spent their careers working in this field."

— Rick Bero, Founder of The BERO Group

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