Personal Economic Damages

Employment Discrimination — Lost Wages/Benefits
Personal Injury, Wrongful Death and FLSA Claims

Personal Damages Assessment Services

Litigation can be a strain on the energy and productivity of an organization. Our team of forensic accounting and litigation support professionals ease this burden with services designed to guide you smoothly through the litigation process. Over the years, our professionals have worked on, and testified in, many hundreds of litigation matters. Our depth of experience gives us a basis for unique and insightful solutions to complex situations.

When a lawsuit involves the assessment of economic damages, an independent analysis is often required. Our team of forensic accounting experts regularly consult with clients and their attorneys on economic damage issues including past and future claims for lost wages and benefits, lost promotional opportunities, pension and investment loses, saved personal consumption costs, the value of non-market work, time value of money issues and life and work-life expectancies. We also address class action claims for unpaid wages, unpaid overtime and liquidated damages brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act (the "FLSA").

Whether plaintiff or defendant, the issue of damages, is critical to the decision to litigate or settle. A claim for damages based on methodologically accepted, sound, well researched analyses supported by accounting,financial, economic and market data, enhances the litigant's position. A speculative or methodologically flawed or untested claim and/or claim having ignored available accounting, financial, economic and market data, weakens the litigant's position.

Analyzing damages stemming from personal injury, discrimination, wrongful death and FLSA claims are areas The BERO Group excels. Our consultants have the technical expertise and experience to analyze complex situations, assist with discovery, and render effective independent professional opinions, and expert testimony in court proceedings. Our professionals include CPA's Certified in Financial Forensics, Certified Valuation Analysts, and Certified Fraud Examiners with significant experience analyzing damages in all manner of actions across numerous industries and professions.

Economic Damage Analysis and Class Action FLSA Claims

Damages Involving Individuals

• Assess Costs, Earnings and Income
• Assess Lost Wages vs Lost Business Income
• Quantify Lost Earnings and Income
• Quantify value of Lost Household Services
• Assess future losses based on Life and Worklife expectancies
• Adjustments for Personal Consumption
• Appropriate Discounting for Present Value
• Quantification of non-market work factors
• Assistance with discovery and depositions
• Expert witness testimony

Class Action Fair Labor Standard Act Claims

• Assess and correct Plaintiff class claims
• Model accurate claims for plaintiff class
• Manage, correct and combine high volume datasets
• Work on behalf of both parties to achieve the accurate distribution per class member
• Attend Mediations
• Educate parties on distribution model
• Assistance with discovery and depositions
• Expert witness testimony