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Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

Breach of contract
Tortious interference
Franchise and dealership
Products liability
Shareholder disputes
Securities fraud

Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting

Fraud investigation
White collar defense
eDiscovery and forensic imaging
Data mining

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Litigation

Friendly Patent infringement
Trade secret misappropriation
False advertising
Trademark infringement
Trade dress infringement
Copyright infringement



Private companies
Patents and patent portfolios

CLE Presentations

CLE Presentations for Credit

Intellectual Property
Commercial and General Topics
False advertising

Now in Print!

The Litigator's Damages Blueprint
The Pragmatic Solution

Not a how-to-calculate-damages book, but a process that The BERO Group calls
"The Pragmatic Solution" which can help you manage your damages case.

The Pragmatic Solution

This handbook offers a structure to engage fully with your damages analysis as you move from early preparation up to and through trial. The Pragmatic Solution method will guide you through your work with your damages expert and help you develop a well-reasoned analysis that aligns with your liability case.

Rick Bero Shares
The BERO Group Approach
to Litigation

From start to finish, learn to work effectively and efficiently with your damages litigation team. This book will guide you through the steps to achieve success.

Litigator's Damages Blueprint

About The BERO Group

Forensic Accountants and
Damages Experts

With over 20 years of experience working with legal teams on complex litigation issues, we are as confident on the witness stand as we are in our analysis. As a result, we anticipate counter arguments and provide solid support for our conclusions, and your success.

The Complete Package

There are several forensic accounting firms that offer to act as damages experts and specialists in forensic accounting.
Few, however, possess the complete package of specialized knowledge and communication skills required for successful litigation outcomes.

Forensic Accounting experts at The BERO Group take full ownership of the cases they work on and are quick to adapt as members of your litigation team.
Known for being responsive, BERO Group forensic accounting specialists are also flexible, as they efficiently adapt to the changing circumstances, difficult schedules, and pressing deadlines related to important litigation issues.

Honest | Direct | Effective

The BERO Group will work with you and your litigation team, to build confidence and project credibility in the opinions we deliver to your client, opposing counsel, judges and juries. Our forensic accounting specialists possess the skills needed to offer you and your clients a rare combination of high-level technical proficiency, creativity, and sophistication in our approach to litigation.

Valuing What Matters

When the financial stakes are high for your client, it matters who you choose as your expert witness. You can trust The BERO Group to provide thorough, credible, supportable damages opinions. We're the preferred forensic accounting financial experts for many highly successful attorneys because we're experts at valuing what matters.

 The Damages Report

COVID-19 mask

COVID-19 Impacts Damage Calculations — as may any major macroeconomic factor

I had a discussion with an attorney recently wherein the topic of COVID-19 and foreseeability arose. In the hypothetical being discussed, the claimed wrongdoing occurred mid-2019 and its economic impact continues today. In mid-2019, COVID-19 was not reasonably foreseeable, so my initial thoughts included the consideration of minimizing or correcting for the COVID-19 economic impact. COVID-19 is novel (you caught the pun there, reader, didn’t you? )
Read more

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The BERO Group's diligent forensic accounting specialists
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When you hire The BERO Group, we become essential members of your litigation team. We take the initiative and actively communicate with your team. We build confident, supported opinions that withstand the toughest examination. And we deliver them clearly in the courtroom.

Rick Bero

Richard F. Bero

Founder and Managing Director of
The BERO Group

Ron Bero

Ronald A. Bero, Jr.

Senior Director of The BERO Group

Paul Rodrigues

Paul Rodrigues

Senior Director of The BERO Group

Jim McGovern

James L. McGovern
CPA/CFF, CVA, Fellow

Senior Director of The BERO Group

Joe Laur

Joe Laur

Director of The BERO Group

Deborah Temkin

Deborah Temkin

Director of The BERO Group

Bryan Berghauer

Bryan Berghauer

Director of The BERO Group

Jack Lazarczyk

Jack A. Lazarczyk

Director of The BERO Group

Nicholas Romans

Nicholas Romans

Director of The BERO Group

Paul Cogswell

Paul B. Cogswell

Director at The BERO Group

Greyson Wolf-Dixon

Greyson Wolf-Dixon

Financial Analyst at The BERO Group

Elizabeth Bergman

Elizabeth Bergman

Office Administrator and Paralegal at The BERO Group

Christine Hattori

Christine Hattori

Marketing Coordinator at The BERO Group

Deirdre Walton

Deirdre E. Walton

Office Manager and Webmaster at The BERO Group

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Will COVID-19 Pandemic Shutdowns Trigger Business Interruption Insurance Coverage?

Mandatory state shut down orders may trigger business interruption coverage if a Pennsylvania Court’s interpretation is widely accepted. With thousands of businesses around the world being shutdown pursuant to government mandates designed to slow transmission of to the COVID-19 virus, many business owners are looking to their insurance policies for a lifeline.

U.S. Supreme Court rules Willful Infringement is not Required for Award of Defendant’s Profits for Trademark Infringement.

In a unanimous decision on April 23, 2020, ruling in the matter of Romag Fasteners Inc. v. Fossil Inc. et. al., case number 08-1233, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled ...

Rick Bero co-authors chapters in The Comprehensive Guide to Economic Damages

Accomplished in publishing writing guides for effective accounting principles, Rick Bero contributes to the BVR library ...

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